IT Consulting

I strive to provide best technology consulting in Software, Stocks equity, futures, options,analysis.

SEO Consulting & Training

The advancements in technology happens everyday and this fact leads us to cater innovative & reusable solutions. And with augmenting SEO strategy, business gets boost.


Research is core function of my work, I solve complex problems and dive the depth of cause.

How I work?

The First Thing - Understand Requirements

Poor requirements gathering have a significant impact on the project’s end results. I believe requirements gathering processes are “blueprints” that everybody involved on the project uses to work from. I ensure to document all the requirements and have one on one interviews with individual or group of clients.

The Second Thing - Build the code & Unit Test

I brainstorm multiple feasible solutions and code the best out of rest models. I package the code modules only until fully unit tested with real time data.

The Third Thing - Demo the Model

Business owners, Analysis, developers, managers and all stakeholders are presented the demo of product built and necessary feedback is taken to improve the model.

The Fourth Thing - Deliver the code and Sanity Tests

It is ensured to test the product with all testing, including sanity test. Before delivering, every effort is taken to ensure to defect free products

Are you ready?