I have 13+ years of IT industry experience and worked primarily in Oil & Gas, Banking and Healthcare industry.

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Masters Of Computer Application (MCA) - Vivekanand Education Soceity Institute of Technology, University of Mumbai 2004 - 2007

Bachelor Of Science in Information Technology - Elphinstone College, University of Mumbai. 2001 - 2004

Certificate In German Language - University Of Mumbai. 2005 - 2006

Diploma In German Language - University Of Mumbai. 2006 - 2007(Attended)

Work Experience & Projects

Research and Analyze Covid-19 related Publications data for researchers

  • The task is to collect the important lab test data of covid-19 patients from all publications and consolidate into a concise report.
  • Gather methods, background and Testing data conclusion reports from publications and put into crystal clear format that is quickly readable for researchers.
  • Data Research in collaboration with Harvard University, United Nations Development Program and Cellular Agricultural Society

  • The task is to mine and analyze the biotech and AI patent-application data.
  • The goal is to perform statistical analysis of United States Patents in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Deep Learning, Biotech and Pharma.
  • Gather historical patent data using Web API end points.
  • Auditor's Remuneration Data Mining

  • The task is to mine Auditor’s Remuneration data from Annual financial reports and Sustainability reports of all companies listed in Australian Stock Exchange.
  • Classify and perform statistical analysis of “Other assurance service” or “Audit related services” from Auditor’s remuneration section.
  • K2 Consultant – ResMed, Sydney - Australia (Oct 2017 - March 2019)

    • Develop K2 Smartforms for ResMed's NCP applications.
    • Integrate Oracle API with NCP K2 for application.
    • Write Javascript functions for K2 Smartforms
    • Create SQL database tables, stored procedure, Views and functions based on requirement.
    • Build and migrate K2 deployment package for K2 applications.
    • Manage team , track team status using Trello board, JIRA Kanban,communicate customer on projects status.
    • Project Management, Resource Management & Allocations, Handle Billing issues, Cost Estimation, Project Management plan , Create Revenue Reports

    K2 Consultant – Phillips66, Bartlesville,Oklahoma, USA (April 2016 - September 2017)

    • Build K2 Smartforms, SmartObjects and Workflow for 350 paper forms.
    • Develop K2 Smarforms, Smartobject and workflows for Ipad, Mobile and Desktop.
    • Build and deploy K2 application deployment packages.
    • Create SQL database objects for K2 smartforms/smartobjects. Create Complex stored procedure, Views and functions based on requirement. Perform unit testing and migrate DB objects test. Develop complex regular expressions..
    • Provide project status reports to clients and stakeholders.
    • Attend Agile Scrum meetings and track project progress using Rally.

    Primary Technical Consultant - Travel and Expense Accounting System - Chevron ( Philippines, USA) Oct 2010 – Dec 2015

    • The main goal of this application is to provide reimbursement to employees for their company travelling expenses. Application is used by over across 29 locations in 21 countries. As an Offshore Coordinator and technical support for end users from 29+ global locations that uses TEA application
    • Worked as a Primary Technical support involves development of source code, requirement gathering, and analysis of problem, identifying an issue, developing solution and testing solutions. Coordinate with vendor IBM and Global Administrators on source code and database fixes.
    • Rollout TEA system in production and staging sites that involves configuration of complex business rules, Mass registration/De-registration of users, access activation and deactivation of users from Database and TEA System.
    • Create oracle objects, stored procedure, tables, cursors, indexes, Views, Triggers, SSRS reports and SQL files for new location rollouts/implementations.
    • Handling onsite and offshore customer requirements and queries involving third party vendors for customer queries.
    • Generate complex reports from database like detailed expense report reports, tax reports containing join conditions.
    • Upload status meeting Update system details on Client’s Application portfolio, Weekly status calls with team and helped the team members to solve their issues and blockers.
    • Complete Sox compliance and IP compliance documents, user review, application reviews.
    • Complete Chevron Audits. Assist team in IRM activities and training new team members. Involved in preparing support documents.
    • Daily monitor UNIX jobs and oracle procedures. Coding and execution of UNIX shell scripts. Responsible for feasible solution from technical and functional points. Handle configuration changes in UAT and production sites.
    • Create and Manage SSRS reports. Change Estimation and work coordination Allocation of tasks to team members in BMC remedy, tracking of tasks assigned to team members and monitor group mailbox.

    Software Consultant - PCard Interface from Ariba to SAP - Chevron, USA Aug 2014 - 2015
    • This is Purchasing Card system interface to ERP (SAP), external to ARIBA Pcard system. Oracle Database has procedures to create interface files for SAP (from Ariba database) which are transmitted via connect direct.
    • Provided technical support for PCard Ariba interface to SAP for US, Canada and NONUS regions. Independently rolled out Pcard interface to SAP for Canada region.
    • Create oracle objects, stored procedure, tables, cursors, Indexes, triggers, views, SQL files for new location rollouts/implementations.
    • Daily monitor PCard UNIX jobs and oracle procedures.
    • Coding and execution of UNIX shell scripts.
    • Status calls with team and stakeholders on tasks from different time zones.
    • Ensuring of quality and compliance processes while implementing roll-out under tight deadlines.
    • Involved in preparing support documents
    • Created project management related documents like Task Tracking Report, Project Action Log, Issue/Query Log, etc.

    Software Consultant - Audit Trackinig System - Chevron, USA Aug 2014 - 2015

    • Audit Tracking System is to capture all audit findings and compliance exceptions.
    • Functional Requirements analysis. Migration of application in staging from windows server 2005 to windows server 2008.
    • Peer and manual testing of enhancements.Responsible to implement proper logic on demand.
    • Make UI changes to accommodate these changes. Create web pages to generate excel reports.
    • Create tables and write SQL Queries. Monitor stored procedures, Views using SQL Server.
    • Analyze and fix QA defects.
    • Deploy code to Dev and Staging sites.
    • Was involved in day-to-day interaction with customer for resolving queries and updating project development status
    • Created project management related documents like Task Tracking Report, Project Action Log, Issue/Query Log, etc.
    • Develop core business logic for required functionality.
    • Prepared application support documents.

    Data Redundancy Tool - Center of Excellence June 2012 – Dec 2013

    • Scans 100% Duplicate files from unlimited data from various storage filesystem, sharepoint, mobile. The main goal of this application is to scan and identify the duplicate files from storage of 17 million files. . We bench-marked 17 millions file scan and it got executed in 2 hours 39 minutes.
    • Award & Recognitions

      Star Developer Award Appreciation By Phillips66