Research Consulting

I deliver research consulting and expertise on following major areas.

Data Science:
  • Research global stock market and industry trends and patterns
  • Gather data, analyze results using statistical tools R Studio, Python Jupyter and Stata and provide ongoing reports
  • Build and created implement relational databases, create SQL, PL/SQL, ORacle Queries , Implement data collection systems
  • Generate Quantitative data analytics reports in multidimensional dataset.
  • Collect data using search engine keywords and deep learning methods.
  • Identify data patterns in complex data sets and implement algorithms
  • Clean and filter data using tools like advance excel, alteryx designer
  • Processing sensitive data and information according to policy guidelines.
  • Identify duplicate data from online and off line storage harddisk, sharepoint, shared drive and pen drive.
  • Create oracle objects, stored procedure, tables, cursors, indexes, Views,
  • Generate advance query code for enterprise level SSRS reports and SQL files for new location rollouts/implementations.
  • Complete Sox compliance and IP compliance documents, user review, application reviews
  • Identify problems through forecasting, gap analysis, qualitative and quantitative reporting, research, and mathematical statistical analysis
  • Compare ROI on products with past data and reports

Stock market is a world of money makers. I use deep learning models to statistically analyze industry’s prospects. I demystify real share value against noisy stock prices. I provide actual facts and figures by thoroughly reviewing history, use predict models & algorithms against real data. My ability to collaborate and network with professionals from a wide range of disciplines and expertise is unparalleled.